10 days out of prison, man tries to rob Doral bank

Two-time convicted bank robber Terry Meach, 10 days out of federal prison, tried again Thursday morning at the Doral JP Morgan Chase branch on Northwest 41st Street, police said. Meach wound up throwing money in the air, causing a bomb scare and clogging traffic in the area for almost an hour.

Traffic stopped for the bomb scare, not the money.

According to Doral police Capt. Paul Rodriguez, Meach, 34, entered the bank, 9785 NW 41st St., at 9:01 a.m. and began loudly making threats and demanding $60,000. Chase security called Doral police while a bank manager in his office snapped a photo of Meach. Chase staff gave Meach some money — less than $60,000 — and he raced away as police arrived. He left behind a package in a plastic grocery bag on a bank teller counter.

“The uniform patrol spotted the gentleman across the street,” Rodriguez said. “They gave chase on foot and apprehended the gentleman on 97th Avenue just south of 41st Street, where he threw all the money in the air. The money was recovered. The gentleman was taken into custody without incident. At that time, he claimed he was part of ISIS and he had left a package inside the bank with a bomb.”

It wasn’t a bomb. Or, even enough to get bombed.

“Apparently, there were two cans that appeared to be beer to me,” Rodriguez said.

Police stopped traffic on 41st Street from 97th Avenue to 102nd Avenue and on 97th Avenue from 41st Street to 33rd Street. Meanwhile, the Miami-Dade police bomb squad arrived and determined there were no explosives. There were no injuries inside or outside the bank.

Streets reopened around 10:20 a.m.

Rodriguez said, according to the FBI, Meach had two prior convictions for bank robbery and no connection to the Islamic State. FBI inmate records say his last release from federal prison was March 14.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal