Barefoot burglar strikes again, is caught again

John Carlos Cairo
John Carlos Cairo

The “Barefoot Burglar” has exquisite taste.

He relishes very expensive shoes and breaks into some of the world’s most admired automobiles. But he’s not a very good thief — at least if getting caught is any measure. Maybe that’s because he’s often chased down barefoot, his over-priced sneakers left behind.

Thursday was no exception: John Carlos Cairo was caught again. This time by Miami Beach police after allegedly breaking into a Bentley, entering a home through a window and being chased out by the owner whose children were fast asleep in another room.

Left behind, neatly placed on the family’s couch: a pair of Nike Air Jordans that sells for several hundred dollars.

“He walks the perimeter and unlocks a window. Once inside the home, he takes off his shoes,” said Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez.

This time, Cairo, 19, was charged with burglary of an occupied home and of an unoccupied vehicle. Last April, after breaking into a Miami Springs home on a golf course and with a Rolls-Royce in the driveway — also while the owners slept — Cairo admitted guilt in stealing a pair of autographed Nike Air Jordans valued at about $5,000.

Like Wednesday’s burglary, Cairo was chased from the Miami Springs home after the owner woke up and found him in the living room. Cairo has been charged at least two other times in burglaries in Hialeah and Miami Springs in 2013. Both those cases were dropped.

In Wednesday’s incident, Miami Beach police say they raced to the 4400 block of Prairie Avenue — to a home valued well above $1.5 million — because a man sleeping with his wife was awakened by someone standing over him. His kids were asleep in the next room.

The man screamed, then gave chase. Cairo, after stumbling at the locked front door of the home, finally made his way out the same window he had entered. Police caught up to him a few minutes later on nearby Pine Tree Drive.

Beside matching the description, police had a pretty obvious reason to believe they had their man: Cairo was shoeless.

He gave up without a fight. Police recovered the victim’s wallet and his wife’s Louis Vuitton purse outside the home. The family’s Bentley had been broken into.

A pair of Nikes — size 13 just like the size of Cairo’s feet — were found on the home’s couch. After his capture, Cairo was taken to jail.

But the story of the "Barefoot Burglar," doesn't end there. Cairo, locked alone in an interrogation room on Miami Beach, tried to make a run for it.

Police said they watched on closed circuit television as the burglar placed a chair in the middle of the room, climbed on it, removed a ceiling panel and hoisted himself upward. The cops stopped him and added the charge of trying to escape from police to his resume.

Cairo was barefoot when he tried to bounce. His shoes, they had already been taken into custody.