Inmate in cell breaks fire sprinkler, floods Miami courtrooms

Acacio Carreira
Acacio Carreira Miami-Dade Corrections Department

A Miami-Dade jail inmate was charged Thursday after police said he broke a fire-alarm sprinkler inside Miami-Dade’s criminal courthouse, causing flooding that damaged at least three courtrooms during the frantic morning calender calls.

Acacio Carreira, 32, was charged with obstructing fire-extinguishing equipment.

He was in custody awaiting trial on burglary charges. On Wednesday morning, Carreira was inside a holding cell while awaiting an appearance before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Miguel de la O when he set off the fire alarm, police said.

Miami-Dade police say he wasn’t hard to identify — Carreira was the only one in the holding cell behind courtroom 4-7.

The flooding forced officials to suspend hearings in some courtrooms and to move some proceedings to other rooms. The county had to hire cleanup crews to dry out the courtrooms. It was unknown exactly how much it’ll cost taxpayers.