Teen arrested for November shooting death of ‘good Samaritan’

Miami police on Tuesday arrested a man wanted in the November death of a “good Samaritan” who was gunned down after confronting an erratic driver he thought was endangering children.

Jose Lucho, 16, was taken into custody after a chase through a home not far from the original crime scene in Allapattah. He was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Bradley Holt, 24.

According to police, detectives were watching a home at 1469 NW 38th St. at about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when they noticed a group of males walking back and forth from the home to a gold four-door Nissan Maxima. When police responded, they said Lucho ran in through the home’s front door, then exited through the rear.

Police said Lucho disappeared, running through several backyards, so they set up a perimeter and brought in police dogs. Lucho was found on the property of a home nearby and was taken into custody. The home’s owner told police he did not give Lucho permission to be there.

Police believe Lucho gunned down Holt on Nov. 14, a few minutes after Holt yelled at Lucho about driving dangerously near a group of children outside an apartment complex at 3293 NW 11th Court.

Holt, who police called “a good Samaritan,” had approached a yellow Ford Mustang allegedly driven by Lucho, after noticing it circling the neighborhood suspiciously. A few minutes later, witnesses told police, Lucho returned and fired a bullet into Holt’s head.

Holt’s murder outraged his family and upset neighbors, who couldn’t understand why anyone could so wantonly take the life of someone doing no harm.

Holt is the half-brother of former Jackson High School football star Quinton Flowers, now a starter at the University of South Florida. Upon learning of Holt’s death, Flowers posted a note on his Facebook site: “R.I.P BIG BRA BRAD Playing for you this week.”