Convenience store owner killed on Thanksgiving

Rashid Keblawe lost his life in an instant Thanksgiving morning, when two men wearing hooded gray sweatshirts walked into his convenience store and shot him as he stood behind the counter.

The 27-second video of the chilling encounter doesn’t capture Keblawe, but shows the men entering the store, then skips to an engagement over the counter in which the men take aim and open fire. At one point, one of the men leans over the counter and appears to continue shooting.

Miami-Dade police said Keblawe, 40, was bagging several items the men had handed to him when he was shot.

“Then [Keblawe] starts to fight back,’ said Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta. “Before they jump and leave they start to shoot.”

Two customers in the store at 13101 NW 27th Ave., which records show is called the Seven Stars Beer Depot, try to scatter. One dives facedown on the floor behind some shelves. The other sprints out the door. Neither are harmed. The video ends as the two men, still hooded, walk to a waiting vehicle outside the store just past a parked SUV.

Detectives said the men took off in an older model, four-door Buick with tinted windows. Police are still looking for the men and asking for the public’s help. They have little to go on other than that the two men in the video had similar thin builds and wore similar sweatshirts and black pants.

Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477