Hialeah man accused in arson spree, firebombing neighbor’s yard

Armando Hernandez
Armando Hernandez Hialeah Police Department

A Hialeah man on three-week terror binge tossed a firebomb into a neighbor’s yard and torched seven cars — including his live-in girlfriend’s silver Jaguar.

The arson spree finally ended just past 9 p.m. Wednesday, when a Hialeah police detective on Armando Hernandez’s tail watched as the 51-year-old set fire to the roof of his girlfriend’s 2003 Jaguar as it sat in an alley behind the couple’s home in the 7900 block of West 34th Lane.

Hernandez was taken into custody and charged with eight counts of arson, eight counts of criminal mischief and possession of a firebomb.

“His motives for the crime remain unknown at this time,” said Police Lt. Carl Zogby.

All of the cars Hernandez is believed to have set on fire were in an alley behind a group of homes along West 34th Lane.

No one was injured during in any of the fires. The firebomb incident destroyed a glass table in a patio area and set the fence on fire.

Police believe Hernandez lit the first car on fire on Oct. 11 by smashing the front passenger window of a blue, 2012 Honda Civic and placing an ignitable fluid on the car seat. He is alleged to have struck twice on Oct. 23, this time igniting a 2005 Toyota Camry and a black Ford F150.

Both fires were originally set on the car’s front windshield.

A day later, on Oct. 24, a blue 2004 Honda Accord was torched, and on Oct. 25, a 2000 silver Buick Century.

Police said Hernandez lit up a 2004 blue Honda Accord on Oct. 26, then at 9:19 p.m. that night tossed a molotov cocktail-like device onto his neighbor’s rear patio, striking the metal-framed glass table top.

On Wednesday, police said, he lit up his girlfriend’s car.

Hernandez refused to talk to detectives after being taken into custody.