Miami mother accused of forcing daughter into prostitution

Suzanne Calana
Suzanne Calana Miami-Dade Corrections

Suzanne Bobbie Calana’s daughter told Miami police that she’d been using drugs with her mother since the age of 12.

But something even darker has landed Calana behind bars. Miami police say the 37-year-old mother forced her teenage daughter into prostitution.

Officers last week arrested Calana and suspected drug dealer Lawrence Martin on human trafficking charges. They are both jailed as they await arraignment in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

“Every time you’ve think you’ve seen the worst case, another one comes along that is hard to believe,” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

Calana was investigated by detectives with the state attorney’s human trafficking task force, which has uncovered some shocking cases in recent years.

In January, four were arrested for allegedly pimping out a 13-year-old and making her strip at Club Madonna in South Beach. Last year, a suspected Miami pimp was accused of forcing an underage teen to tattoo his street name on her eyelids.

Then there was the child-protective investigator with the Department of Children & Families who was arrested in 2012 for running a sex ring with girls in foster care. He has since been convicted.

Calana’s defense attorney, Peter Schoenthal, declined to comment.

Police said they were tipped off to Calana’s daughter, who is now 16, by another young girl who was under investigation and had been pressed into prostitution.

Calana — who has a long history of drug arrests dating back to the mid-1990s — had lost her legal parental rights. The girl’s grandmother was her legal custodian.

But according to Miami police, the girl ran away in May to live with her mother on the streets of Little Havana

Calana’s daughter told investigators that she became addicted to cocaine, crack cocaine and the powerful anti-anxiety medication Xanax.

“The victim explained that she learned about prostitution from her mother,” according to an arrest report. “The victim recalled instances where her and her mother engaged in sexual activities with men, while in the same room, in exchange for money.”

The teen also told police she often sold her body just to give the money to Calana for drugs.

Eventually, according to police, Calana allowed the girl to move in with Martin, 43, an Overtown drug dealer known as “Paper.” He forced the girl to earn at least $150 a day, all while also serving as a pimp for her mother, according to an arrest report.

Calana and Martin are charged with human trafficking of a minor, furnishing drugs to a minor and interfering with custody.