Suspect in shooting killed by police during exchange of gunfire

Police are looking for Howard Morraz, brother of the man shot dead by police.
Police are looking for Howard Morraz, brother of the man shot dead by police. Miami-Dade County Police Department

Miami-Dade detectives shot and killed a man during an exchange of gunfire Tuesday night at an apartment complex in the county’s north end.

Marvin Arroliga, 22, was shot by a Miami-Dade police detective and died a few hours later. His brother, Howard Morraz, 24, who police said was with Arroliga at the apartment, fled and is still at large.

Police said they were forced to fire at Arroliga, who they were looking for as a suspect in an earlier shooting, because he fired his weapon toward them as they approached the building in the 13200 block of Northwest Seventh Avenue.

Arroliga was taken to Aventura Hospital and died at 2:53 a.m. Police recovered a gun from the scene, but haven’t determined if it was the one used by Arroliga to fire at police, or if it was used in the earlier shooting.

Police wouldn’t go into detail about the earlier incident in which Arroliga is alleged to have been the shooter. They also did not release the name of the officer who fired the fatal shot.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will investigate the incident. According to county police procedure, the officer involved in the shooting will be off duty for three days, then return to service if he or she feels up to it.

In 2009, Arroliga was arrested and convicted of attempted armed robbery with a deadly weapon, and battery. He was 16 at the time.

Morraz, who police continued to search for Wednesday, also has a rap sheet.

He was charged with several crimes between 2010 and 2013, including dealing in stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon and grand theft auto. Each case was dropped.

He was convicted of grand theft auto after being arrested by Miami-Dade police in September 2014.