‘You’re out of control.’ Plane passenger hits husband with laptop for ogling women

Tiffany McLemore
Tiffany McLemore

Passengers on an AmericanAirlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles got a front row seat to a blowout fight between a married couple seated in the exit row.

A woman, identified by police as Tiffany McLemore, can be heard yelling expletives at her husband on various videos taken by fellow passengers, and circulating on social media.

According to a police report on Sunday’s incident before taking off from the Miami airport to L.A., McLemore became “enraged” because he was “ignoring” her.

However, in the passenger-shot videos, she accuses of him of looking at other women.

“Never come to my house again, n-----!” she shouts in the curse filled rant. “I’ll call the police on you!”

“You’re out of control,” says the man.

Flight attendants approach the couple and motion for the man to move to another seat. He escapes from the row and attempts to move up the aisle to get away from her. McLemore follows him with a laptop in her hands and then smashes it at his back while people scream.

“Nope, nope, nope,” says someone off camera.

The report says the computer “bounced off” the victim and ending up striking a flight attendant and passenger in the vicinity.

Another flight attendant witnessing the onboard chaos says, “You’re going to be arrested for assault.”

McLemore responds, “Fine, whatever,” collects her belongings from the overhead compartment and storms off.

The woman was not arrested. According to the report. there was a delay from the time the incident took place to when police were notified and dispatched to the area. A search for her “yielded negative results.”

The husband spoke to authorities and said they were en route from Ecuador back home to L.A. when the argument ensued, but did not want to press charges. He went on to take a later flight. McLemore’s whereabouts are unknown.

The flight attendant and passengers were treated for bumps on their heads. Neither wanted to make a statement.

“If there’s no statement, we are not able to move forward with the case,” a Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman told the Miami Herald.

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