He was busted for robbing a South Beach candy store. Next 10 years will be no treat

Jemm Prospere
Jemm Prospere Miami-Dade Corrections

Robbing Dylan’s Candy Bar on Lincoln Road in South Beach didn’t go as smoothly as Jemm Prospere planned. But Prospere probably didn’t expect it would end in the 10-year federal prison sentence he got Tuesday after pleading guilty.

Prospere, 29, committed an armed robbery on Feb. 11 and prosecutors made a federal case out of it.

Instead of being prosecuted on an armed robbery charge in Miami-Dade court, Prospere was prosecuted in federal court on a charges of brandishing and discharging a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence and Hobbs Act Robbery. As Prospere’s indictment says, a Hobbs Act Robbery is when the criminal does “knowingly and unlawfully obstruct, delay, and affect commerce and the movement of articles and commodities in commerce by means of robbery.”

Plainly, North Bay Village resident Prospere stole money from a business that works in interstate and foreign business. If that sounds as if Hobbs Act robberies can range from gas stations to jewelry stores, they can and have. Now, officially, candy stores fall in those parameters.

“Dylan” is Dylan Lauren, daughter of Polo fashion designer Ralph Lauren and owner of the candyland at Lincoln Road and Meridian Avenue in Miami Beach. Prospere used to work there.

According to the Justice Department, Prospere entered the store wearing a black mask, a black hooded sweatshirt, and blue latex gloves on Feb. 11. He used a gun to back up his request when he ordered the manager to relocate the cash in the safe to a book bag. After the manager obeyed, he tussled with Prospere. Prospere’s gun went off in the struggle.

Nobody got hit, and the manager managed to push Prospere down a staircase. Prospere still managed to skedaddle with the book bag of cash.

Prospere was free until being taken into custody March 26.

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