Colombian sportscaster living in Miami charged with making child-porn videos 15 years ago

Sergio Alejandro Farffan Osorno
Sergio Alejandro Farffan Osorno

A Colombian sports announcer who works in South Florida faces extradition after his arrest on charges of making pornographic films with an underage girl in his native country 15 years ago.

Sergio Alejandro Farffan Osorno, 45, who has worked as a Miami-based sports media freelancer or employee for ESPN, Univision and other news outlets for more than a decade, appeared in federal court on Friday. His extradition hearing on the pornography charges is set for Tuesday.

Prosecutor Vanessa Singh Joahannes told a magistrate judge in Miami that Farffan, who spells his last name as “Farffann” on his Linkedin page, is wanted by the Colombian government as a fugitive on 2010 pornography charges accusing him of filming two videos of a minor girl engaging in sexual acts with others.

Farffan Osorno, dressed in a khaki inmate uniform and cuffed at the wrists and ankles, was assigned a federal public defender after he told Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman through a Spanish interpreter that he does not have a full-time job, owns no real estate and has no car. He said he has no bank account in his name, but that his wife has one.

Farffan Osorno was arrested at his residence in Miami on Thursday by deputies with the U.S. Marshals Service. The warrant for his arrest was signed by Magistrate Judge Chris McAliley on May 31.

According to a federal complaint, Colombia submitted a formal request for Farffan Osorno’s extradition through diplomatic channels after he was convicted in absentia of the pornography charges and sentenced to just over six years in prison in July 2012. A Colombian appeals court in Medellin upheld his conviction and sentence the following year. A Colombian arrest warrant was issued in 2014 — a decade after his alleged pornographic offense involving the minor.

Farffan Osorno, who was born in Medellin and began his sports broadcasting career after attending college, is accused of making two pornographic videos with a teen-age girl in 2003 or 2004, according to the federal complaint filed by Johannes, the prosecutor. The minor girl is identified as “Victim #1” and was born in 1988. At the time of the alleged video-taping incidents, she was between 14 and 15 years old. Under Colombia law, a minor is a person less than 18 years old.

The complaint alleges Farffan Osorno filmed the first video, which lasts 26 minutes, while he and Victim #1 were at a “weekend” house in Llano Grande, Rionegro, Colombia. “Victim #1 drank ‘intoxicating’ beverages, removed her clothes, and appeared to receive oral sex from another female,” the complaint says. “In the video, female voices can be heard calling ‘Alejo,’ and ‘Farffan,” and singing the name of ‘Farffan’ to a tune.”

Farffan Osorno filmed the second video, which lasts one hour and three minutes, with Victim #1 and another female engaging in sexual activity in a hotel room. “The recording depicts Victim #1 being undressed by a female ... and then engaging in digital and oral sex,” the complaint says. “Farffan Osorno also recorded himself masturbating in the video.”

During the second video, a male voice believed to be Farffan Osorno’s gives instructions to the minor girl and the other female. Both Victim #1 and the woman reported to Colombian authorities that Farffan Osorno was the man giving directions in the video.

Farffan Orsorno had known Victim #1 for two months before making the videotaped incidents because he worked as a “social communicator” for the soccer club Independent Medellin, for which she was a cheerleader, according to the complaint. They had socialized together, and Farffan Osorno asked the girl’s parents for their permission before taking her out.

The older female in the video had known Victim #1 for four years and Farffan Osorno for one year. The woman reported to Colombian authorities that Farffan Osorno said her younger friend was “very pretty” and that they should party with her because he “would like to see the two of them making love,” the complaint says.

Victim #1 eventually reported to law enforcement that Farffan Osorno had made the pornographic videotapes of her in December 2005, the complaint says, “after she learned from friends that a recording of her was being distributed and sold at her high school and online.”

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics show that more than 700,000 children are referred to child protective agencies as a result of abuse or neglect in the U.S. each year.