2 sisters dead, 2 people wounded, 3 detained after Liberty City shooting

The gofundme page for the funeral of sisters Stephanie and Joanna Telmusme, killed Sunday in Liberty City.
The gofundme page for the funeral of sisters Stephanie and Joanna Telmusme, killed Sunday in Liberty City. gofundme

The two sisters killed during a drive-by shooting at a Liberty City housing complex early Sunday morning were innocent bystanders visiting a friend, according to a law enforcement source.

The women were standing in a parking area with a group of friends at the Annie Coleman complex at Northwest 60th Street and 19th Avenue at about 1:30 a.m., when a vehicle pulled up and its occupants opened fire with dozens of volleys from a high-powered weapon.

Stephanie Telusme, 27 and her sister Joanna Telusme, both of Broward County, were killed at the scene. Two others, Robert Allen 30 and Jennifer Charles, 24, were injured and transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Miami-Dade police said they originally responded to the shooting after identifying gunshots through the electronic Shot Spotter system. Police said when they tried to stop the vehicle, four men took off running. A perimeter was set up and three of the men were taken into custody.

Eventually two of them were released. And a third was charged with an unrelated crime, police said. Police had not found the fourth suspect by late Monday afternoon. Police said they found two AK-47s and a handgun in the abandoned vehicle. And that more than 40 rounds were fired into the parking lot.

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The Telusme sisters were declared dead at the scene. There’s been a GoFundMe page set up for funeral expenses. By Monday afternoon more than $7,000 had been donated to help bury the sisters.

Not long after sunrise Sunday morning, groups of family and friends flooded the crime scene. As many as 25 people were mingling, some crying, as detectives continued to gather evidence. By 8:30 a.m., two women ran across 60th Street, one with her arms in the air screaming, “Let me see my sister.”

Friends held her back.

“What were they doing all the way over here? What am I going to do with my parents?” the woman cried.