Florida teen attempts ‘RKO’ wrestling move on high school principal, police say

The “RKO” is the signature flying attack by WWE pro wrestler Randy Orton.

A Miami teenager tried the move, not on his buddy in a backyard brawl, but on Southridge High’s principal, cops said. Gianny Sosa, 18, was charged with battery on a school employee.

An arrest report identified the victim as Humberto Miret, the school’s principal, who was not hurt in the incident.

During Sosa’s first court appearance on Thursday morning, defense attorney Roy Ugarte called the arrest report “hands down one of the most insane” he’d ever read.

Ugarte explained the difference between Roman-Greco wrestling and the pro wrestling that most consider staged for entertainment. “Everyone knows wrestling is fake,” he told the befuddled judge.

The lawyer, an admitted fan of wrestling, tried to demonstrate the move, suggesting Sosa was playing around. “It shouldn’t have been arrestable,” he said.

According to an arrest report, officers have video of the alleged attack. During the hearing, Sosa was granted release from jail without having to post a bond.

Orton is a longtime wrestler who battles as part of the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment. His signature move involves a backward flying lunge toward the opponent’s head.

There are countless videos of Orton’s most famous RKOs — and also, fans recreating the move in their backyards.