Man and woman ‘digitally’ rob date at adult-themed hotel, police say

Samuel Hernandez-Parra, left, and Samantha Fraga
Samuel Hernandez-Parra, left, and Samantha Fraga Courtesy of Miami-Dade County Corrections.

A man was forced at gunpoint Thursday afternoon to transfer funds to a robber via a cellphone app, police say.

Gabriel Martinez, 22, of Miami Springs, told police he booked a room at the adult-themed Aladdin Hotel, located at 901 S. Royal Poinciana Blvd., soon after meeting a girl named Samantha on Snapchat.

They quickly strolled up to “room 305” — billed as a room for those who are a little shy — where Martinez invited Samantha Fraga, 19, to hop in the shower with him.

But Fraga said she needed more towels and stepped out, leaving the door ajar. Police say that is when her accomplice, Samuel Hernandez-Parra, 19, moved in and pointed a 9 mm handgun at Martinez, as he showered, and told him to get out.

However, Martinez did not have any cash so instead Hernandez-Parra took his phone “and sent himself $400 via the cash app cell phone application,” Miami Springs police said.

Cops immediately traced the cell phone number back to Fraga, and upon arrival were told by hotel staff that the couple were “regulars” there and usually booked two rooms, and that they were still there.

When police responded, they surrounded an adjacent room and arrested Hernandez-Parra and Fraga as they tried to escape via a secret garage exit. Police recovered a stolen gun, four Apple iPhones, two laptops, cocaine, Xanax, ecstasy pills, and Herandez-Parra’s Venezuelan passport.

Hernandez-Parra told police that he bought the firearm from a man named “Gucci” at a gas station in Kendall. The weapon was reported stolen in South Miami.

A search of Fraga’s phoned showed text messages of how she and Hernandez-Parra would split the “profit.”

Fraga was charged with armed robbery and remains in county jail on a $15,000 bond.

Hernandez-Parra was charged with armed robbery, grand theft, possession of controlled substances, and driving with a suspended license. He remains in county jail on a no-bond hold.