Former Massage Envy masseur charged with sexual battery for a second time

David Egusquiza’s current mugshot
David Egusquiza’s current mugshot Miami-Dade Corrections

A former Coral Gables Massage Envy masseur on probation in a case involving sexual battery accusations by a 2017 customer has been arrested after a sexual battery accusation from a 2016 customer.

David Egusquiza, 36, is in Miami-Dade County Jail again, this time facing one count of sexual battery. His accuser, “Jane Doe 2016,” told the Miami Herald during an interview earlier this month at her lawyer’s office that Egusquiza “did touch my sexual organs with his hands and he exposed me in certain ways.”

Through her lawyer, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen’s Alex Arteaga-Gomez, she’s filed a civil lawsuit against First World Financial Corp., which owns three Massage Envy locations in Miami-Dade. She said after informing the manager a few days later, she heard from First World Financial Corp. president Jose Gonzalez.

Though she said Gonzalez told her, “We take this very seriously,” the woman said she didn’t hear from anyone at First World or the Coral Gables Massage Envy until she called to find out the status of the investigation. She said that’s when she learned they had finished their investigation of Egusquiza and he had been cleared.

Gonzalez said they tried to get in contact with Jane Doe 2016 three times. Egusquiza denied the sexual assault accusations and was allowed to return to work after being suspended for a week during the internal investigation.

“I had an employee who had been with me since the start, who had never had a complaint against him,” Gonzalez said to The Herald.

Months later, “Jane Doe 2017” accused Egusquiza of inserting a finger in her vagina during a March 12, 2017 massage. Egusquiza’s state massage therapist license restriction, arrest and the deluge of sexual misconduct allegations made against Massage Envy massage therapists received media coverage in South Florida.

“I became hysterical that they let him do it to someone else,” Jane Doe 2016 said. “I thought Massage Envy had taken care of it when I reported it and I was shocked.”

“I consider this whole experience traumatic twofold,” she said. “Traumatic when I was sexually assaulted and traumatic when I learned he did it again. It brought all of my emotions over the last two years to a head. That this was a real predator. This wasn’t an isolated event with me. I felt disgust that I was one of his victims.”

Sexual violence is a social and public health problem in the U.S. The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey says nearly 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men experienced sexual violence victimization other than rape at some point in their lives.

She said she started going to therapy after learning of Jane Doe 2017’s accusations and “giving myself some extra TLC when I need it. If I’m not feeling that great that day at work, I’ll leave and go do something for myself.”

She was spurred to act after reading of the accusation from “Jane Doe 2017.”

In September, First World reached a confidential settlement in Jane Doe 2017’s civil lawsuit.

The following month, Egusquiza, facing sexual battery and battery charges, got five years’ probation after pleading guilty to battery while the sexual battery charge was dismissed.

Gonzalez said because of Egusquiza, First World requires their massage therapists to go through monthly, instead of yearly, reiterations of appropriate procedures.

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