Retired Broward schools employee mixed child porn collection with family photos, cops say

John Rafferty
John Rafferty Broward Sheriff's Office

John Rafferty retired from his job with Broward County Public Schools in 1999, but cops say the 74-year-old has taken up the hobby of collecting child pornography.

That’s what Broward Sheriff’s Office says it found Tuesday when it hit Rafferty’s Oakland Park home with a search warrant. Among the findings, as described on the probable cause affidavit: a video of Rafferty family photos mixed in with child porn photos, such as a 12-year-old girl tied with rope down and bent over a chair.

Rafferty’s still at the North Broward Bureau of Broward County Jail on 10 counts of child pornography possession and one count of compiling child pornography on a computer. His bond is $27,500.

Broward County Public Schools confirmed Wednesday that Rafferty worked with the system from 1984 through 1999, but didn’t have information readily available in what capacity he worked.

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The PC affidavit says the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children task force got four cybertips in January from the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. The NCMEC had been notified by a file sharing service (which was redacted on the report) that a user uploaded child pornography four times.

A Feb. 8 subpeona to Comcast with the internet service provider address brought back the house where Rafferty lives with his wife. Cops showed up Tuesday before dawn.

Rafferty said he and his wife have separate computers and she never uses his, a Dell 3459. The affidavit says Rafferty gave up the passcode.

On the computer, the affidavit says, were several child pornography photos, including nude photos of a 10-year-old girl and a 12-year-old girl being violated by men. Cops also found child pornography on some of the six external hard drives and the CD disks they say they found.

“Also located inside the office room were several notebooks, which John Rafferty admitted were search terms that he uses to search for things,” the affidavit read. “These notebooks are written in John Rafferty’s handwriting and contained terms such as: Perv, Kids, Schgls, underage.adm.ygo, jailbait, and jap.schoolgirls.”

Anyone with information about Rafferty is asked to call BSO Det. Erica Rockey at 954-888-1570 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477).

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