He impregnated a mentally disabled woman, cops say. He had a one-way ticket to Haiti

Pascal Estime
Pascal Estime Orange County Incarcerations

A man about to face prosecution on charges of raping a mentally disabled person got handcuffed by U.S. Marshals at Orlando International Airport Monday.

Orlando resident Pascal Estime had a one-way ticket to Haiti.

Estime, 56, now is sitting in the Orange County jail before his extradition to Palm Beach County, where he’ll face two counts of Sexual Battery on a Mentally Defective Person.

Back on Feb. 8, a motion hearing requiring Estime’s presence had been scheduled for 8:15 a.m. Tuesday. Sunday night around 9 p.m., Boynton Beach police said a Homeland Security agent told them that Estime had booked a one-way ticket to Haiti for Monday. So, Boynton Beach got the U.S. Marshals involved.

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This case goes back to 2004, when a father brought his 20-year-old mentally disabled daughter to Boynton Beach police. The daughter told detectives that while her caretaker was in the yard, Estime directed her to take her panties down and bend over. That’s when the rape occurred from what she told police.

Medical and school records put the young woman’s IQ between 40 and 55, generally considered “moderately mentally disabled.” After an abortion, police kept the fetus sample to test for evidence. Estime disappeared, however.

The Palm Beach affidavit says Estime popped up in July 2016, 12 years later, on a database as making a living in Orlando. Boynton Beach police detectives went to Orlando in December, got a search warrant for Estime’s DNA and found that Estime was in Haiti. Cops eventually got Estime’s DNA in June 2017.

A month later, DNA Labs International said the probability that Estime had fathered the fetus was 99.9997%.

The trial court dismissed the case in December 2017, a decision the Fourth District Court of Appeals overturned in January. That’s when the hearing was scheduled for Tuesday.

And, soon after, Estime bought his ticket to ride out of town on Monday.

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