76-year-old man stabs estranged girlfriend to death, cops say. Roofers restrained him

A distraught 76-year-old man stabbed his estranged 70-year-old girlfriend to death Friday morning, then turned the knife toward himself before backing off, police and witnesses said.

According to police, Jorge Gonzalez knocked on the door of the Southwest Miami-Dade home at 15249 SW Eighth Way, then forced his way inside. He then went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and began stabbing Maritza Ospina.

Ospina was living with her granddaughter in the home. The couple had been separated for the past four months, police said. Miami-Dade Police Detective Angel Rodriguez said the granddaughter intervened and was able to calm the situation enough until police arrived.

Ospina was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, where she died.

Miami Herald news partner CBS4 reported that roofers working nearby heard the commotion and raced to the home. A worker told them that once inside, they attempted to get the man to put down the knife.

“The granddaughter of the lady involved in the incident was screaming and asking for help, so we went in there and saw the guy standing over the lady with a knife,” a worker named Randolph told the television station. “We started telling him to put the knife down, to calm down. But he wouldn’t comply at first. Afterward, we got him to put the knife down.”

That’s when, according to the roofer, the older man picked up the knife once again.

“We tried to get him to stop,” Randolph said. “We tried throwing things to get away from the lady. He got away. We got him to put the knife down again.”

Randolph told CBS4 that their attempts to get the man away from the woman worked, and “we restrained him.”

Police were still questioning the suspect Friday afternoon. Charges are pending.

Chuck Rabin, writing news stories for the Miami Herald for the past three decades, covers cops and crime. Before that he covered the halls of government for Miami-Dade and the city of Miami. He’s covered hurricanes, the 2000 presidential election and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting. On a random note: Long before those assignments, Chuck was pepper-sprayed covering the disturbances in Miami the morning Elián Gonzalez was whisked away by federal authorities.