Ohio couple camping illegally in the Keys now might be looking at prison, cops say

Jordan Boerger and Calaen Pancake’s Friday night mugshots
Jordan Boerger and Calaen Pancake’s Friday night mugshots Monroe County Sheriff's Office

An Ohio couple suspected of camping illegally out of their car wound up in Monroe County Jail Friday night on felony drug charges.

Jordan Boerger, 23, was charged with felony possession of marijuana, marijuana smuggling, felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor drug equipment possession charges. The same charges, minus the marijuana smuggling rap, hang over 18-year-old Calaen Pancake.

Though Boerger and Pancake are from Ohio, this incident came with a Motown sound. Pancake is from Toledo, close enough to Detroit that several people who work in one place live in the other, and Boerger is from Swanton, just another half hour east. Their vehicles drew the attention of an employee at Leo’s Campground and RV Park, MCSO said.

Marijuana from Jan. 4 Keys arrest pic.jpg
Some of the 1.2 pounds of marijuana Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies say they found in an Ohio couple’s Pontiac Friday night. Monroe County Sheriff's Office

The Leo’s worker thought people were camping in Pancake’s Pontiac and Boerger’s Chrysler van parked across the street from Leo’s, 5264 Suncrest Rd. on Stock Island. MCSO says when a deputy arrived to tell the couple this violated a Monroe County ordinance, he smelled marijuana, a violation of state law.

Upon request, Boerger gave up a mason jar of marijuana, MCSO said. This opened the door to a search that deputies say found 1.2 pounds of marijuana, four LSD hits and drug paraphernalia in the Pontiac and 16 grams (.0035 of a pound) of marijuana, nine grams of ecstasy and a .40 caliber Glock handgun in the van.

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