Car theft suspect admits driving away in the car but insists he didn’t steal it

Antonio Monzon in his current Miami-Dade Corrections mugshot
Antonio Monzon in his current Miami-Dade Corrections mugshot

The Hyundai stolen last week from Hollywood resident Antoinette Roman, who then lied about a 3-year-old being in the car, has been found along with the suspected car thief, Miami-Dade police say.

Antonio Monzon, 32, was arrested Tuesday after parking the car in an apartment complex. Monzon said he drove off in the Hyundai, but he didn’t steal it.

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The arrest report says Monzon told police he and Roman were meeting so he could make the last of a $5,000 payment on the 2014 Hyundai that he was buying from Roman’s husband and transfer the title. He said he was supposed to drive Roman back home, but she wanted to make a heroin stop.

They argued over that and Monzon said he settled the argument by leaving her at the Sunoco gas station at 22025 SW 112th Ave. As far as Monzon was concerned, he’d made the final payment so he was leaving in his own car.

Roman told police a 3-year-old was in the car. According to her arrest report, she admitted saying that just to ignite extra police effort in finding the car.

In addition to this grand theft auto charge, Monzon has a pair of outstanding warrants for knowingly driving without a license and $1,733.14 in due traffic fines.

That’s Monzon’s present. His past includes convictions for cocaine possession; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; improper display of a weapon; possession of a firearm by a convicted felon; possession of stolen property; and grand theft auto (twice).

He keeps being sentenced to probation.