They would clean and pull teeth inside of a bus parked among boats and RVs, cops say

Victor Bernal and Daniela SulbaranGonzalez in their Miami-Dade Corrections mugshots from Nov. 15
Victor Bernal and Daniela SulbaranGonzalez in their Miami-Dade Corrections mugshots from Nov. 15

A Miami man and a Doral woman did dental work out of a bus parked inside a West Miami-Dade car-truck-and-boat storage lot, Miami-Dade police say.

It wasn’t the location, but the lack of any dentistry licenses that got 44-year-old Victor Bernal and 37-year-old Daniela SulbaranGonzalez eventually relocated down the street to Miami-Dade Corrections Turner-Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Nov. 15. Both got charged with practicing health care without a license and Bernal got a prescription drug possession with intent to sell or deliver charge. Neither has ever been licensed in Florida.

Each bonded out Wednesday, Bernal after posting $10,000 bond and SulbaranGonzalez after posting $5,000 bond.

Their arrest reports said they worked out of a bus parked at Davco Storage & Propane, 6001 NW 74th Ave., a business that’s been at that location since 1985. Davco owner Stuart Davant said Thursday by phone Bernal had rented a space for the bus and that’s all he knew about the bus or Bernal until the arrests went down.

Undercover detectives from the Florida Department of Health and Miami-Dade police made an appointment for a dental cleaning and tooth extraction, the arrest report says. When they arrived at Davco between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Nov. 15, Bernal met them outside the gated parking lot.

Bernal drove them to the bus, then pulled two bags out of the back of a Toyota SUV. Once on the bus, he directed one of the undercovers to sit in the dental chair, the report says. Sulbaran put a dental bib on the seated undercover and, on herself, a face guard and surgical latex gloves. Once she diagnosed and offered to treat the undercover, arrests were made.

Inside one of the bags, the report said, were prescription drugs lidocaine, medivacaine, ibuprofen 600 and dental products.