Suspect arrested in attack on middle school girl that ended with a kick to the groin

Matthew James Walker in Thursday’s Broward Sheriff’s Office mugshot
Matthew James Walker in Thursday’s Broward Sheriff’s Office mugshot

FRIDAY UPDATE: This story was updated Friday morning to reflect Thursday’s arrest.

A Hollywood girl said a man on a bike obscenely propositioned her, tried to grab her, then force his way into her house last week as she walked home from school.

The girl told police she escaped into her house with a back kick to his genitals. Ten days after the girl’s report to police, Hollywood cops arrested Pompano Beach resident Matthew Walker, 23, on charges of attempted sexual battery on a person 12 to 17 years old; burglary with battery; aggravated stalking; and two counts of criminal solicitation.

Walker’s been arrested eight times since 2013, including a pending grand theft auto case from September, but has no convictions.

The girl said this occurred after she left school around 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 19.

According to her account, while walking alone to a nearby restaurant, she saw a man on a black bike riding toward her. As he got closer, she said she could hear him saying, “You are so pretty, I would ---- the ---- out of you.”

She said she decided to head home, but he kept following on his bicycle. Eventually, he grabbed her right arm as he continued spitting sexual remarks. She said she yanked her arm away and kept walking home along 29th Avenue.

She slapped his hand away when he tried to grab her buttocks, she said. But when she reached her home, he got off the bike and tried to go inside with her.

“The subject went up against her as the victim was opening the front door,” the incident report said. “The subject was pressing up on her and the victim was able to perform a back kick to the groin, go inside the home and lock her door.”

After he said, “I will be back tomorrow,” the girl called her mother.

Anyone with information on this or other incidents can call Hollywood Police Department at 954-967-4636.