Miami-Dade cop charged with manslaughter for high-speed fatal car crash while on duty

A patch showing the Miami-Dade Police Department’s insignia.
A patch showing the Miami-Dade Police Department’s insignia. Miami Herald File

A county police officer was charged Monday with vehicular manslaughter for a high-speed crash at a South Miami-Dade intersection that left a Homestead man dead eight months ago

Investigators determined that Miami-Dade Police Officer John Song was driving at nearly double the speed limit and ran a stop sign when he crashed into a Nissan Altima driven by Emilio Jesus Vizcaino. Data from a computerized “black box” in the police car showed Song was driving at 78 mph just half-a-second before the crash — and the speed limit is only 40 mph, according to an arrest warrant released on Wednesday.

Vizcaino, 45, died at the scene, his car a crumpled mess against the patrol car off to the side of the intersection near a Redland nursery. The officers involved in the crash, Song and partner Cesar Echaverry, were airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Both have since recovered.

Song had been on the force for seven years. His partner, Echaverry, was a rookie at the time of the crash.

The crash happened at 1:24 a.m. on March 6 on Southwest 260th Street at the intersection of Southwest 147th Avenue. Investigators believe Song’s headlights were off, and he was not responding to a call, according to the warrant.

“He was not responding to any emergency calls for service, and did not have his emergency lights or siren activated,” according to the warrant.

Song surrendered late Tuesday, and has already posted bond and left jail.