Group committed a string of robberies, say police, who caught them at a gas station

What do you do after robbing four people at gunpoint, one after another, in one day? This group, which police blame for a string of robberies on Thursday, stopped for gas. That’s where Hialeah police found them, pulling out of an Exxon station.

Police arrested the four, all Hialeah residents, around 8 p.m. on Thursday: Leondro Rente, 23; Roy Joel Arias, 17; Barbara Jimenez, 17; and a 16-year-old minor .

The group went on a robbery spree that ranged from East 59th Street to West 29th Street, police said.

The first victim was held at gunpoint at 891 E. 31st St. Robbers ambushed him, demanding that he hand over any possessions, police said. After they searched his pockets to no avail, they fled the scene empty-handed.

Seven minutes away, at 311 W. 38th St., a man was walking on the sidewalk when a car pulled up to him. A suspect pointed a gun and demanded his things. The victim handed over all he had before running home, police said.

The suspects drove only three minutes for the next robbery, at West First Avenue and 59th Street. This time the suspects pushed the victim off his bike after pointing a gun at him and demanding his property. According to police, the suspects got a wallet and fled the scene.

For the last robbery, seven minutes away on East Second Avenue and 59th Street, police said the suspects punched and kicked the victim to the ground before taking his wallet and backpack and fleeing.

Police say the described getaway car was found nearly 30 minutes away at 3705 NW 135th St., pulling out of an Exxon station.

Rente, the oldest, was charged with one count of armed robbery, attempted robbery and resisting arrest. He had been charged with felony grand theft in 2016 and felony and misdemeanor battery in 2015.

Arias was charged with two counts of armed robbery. Jimenez was charged with one count of armed robbery. The minor was charged with resisting arrest.