The 17-year-old dangled herself as date bait, cops say, and those who bit got ripped off

A 17-year-old and two North Broward men used modern hookup methods to pull off an armed robbery version of bait-and-switch, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

As described in arrest warrants, 17-year-old Ednita Leon-Alamo and her profile on the MeetMe app played the bait. At least two men who answered found the encounter switched from hookup to robbery, cops said, after Peterson Joachim and Shnyder Dumas came onto the scene with guns. A robbery tour of ATMs ensued.

“The victims are released under the threat that if they contact law enforcement they’ll get in trouble because Leon-Alamo is a teenager and not an adult as she claimed on the app,” BSO said. “BSO detectives are focused on identifying other victims and not pursuing charges against anyone who was duped.”

Leon-Alamo, Pompano Beach’s 22-year-old Joachim and Deerfield Beach’s 19-year-old Dumas each face two counts of armed robbery, two counts of kidnapping and one count of carjacking.

Meet Me Ad.JPG
This is the ad on the Meet Me app BSO says was used to lure men to a mugging and kidnapping.

The MeetMe profile that BSO says Leon-Alamo used to lure victims said the female seen only in silhouette was Emily Perez, a 21-year-old from Pompano Beach looking for “Dating, Chat, Friendship.”

The Aug. 7 message said,”I am just trying to chill someone hmu.”

(The first answer, from “Conner,” asks “Chill as in what?” an acknowledgment that it can mean “hanging out” or “have sex.”)

That night, according to Joachim’s and Dumas’ arrest reports, Konstanti Chernitskiy answered. After some off-app texting, he followed Leon-Alamo’s directions to a Deerfield Beach house in the 5100 block of Northeast First Terrace around 1 a.m.. A woman he described as “18 to 21 years old, short, thin, possibly Hispanic” met him in the driveway. She took Chernitskiy into the house.

“Once inside, Mr. Chernitskiy noticed that the residence appeared to be vacant,” Joachim’s arrest report reads. “At this time, three unknown male subjects (all wearing ski masks) appeared from within the residence, each armed with a handgun. The armed subjects demanded all of Mr. Chernitskiy’s belongings and relieved him of his wallet and his cell phone.”

A wallet haul that wouldn’t cover a Chipotle run — $15 cash and debit cards — the three masked men and Leon-Alamo decided to take Chernitskiy for a ride in his own car. As they drove, Chernitskiy said, he noticed they “frequently spoke to each other in Creole so he could not understand what they were saying.”

For the next three hours, the group went ATM hopping with a blindfolded Chernitskiy to withdraw money using his debit cards. Every once in a while, the report said, Chernitskiy got hit in the back of the head with a gun.

They left him and his car in the 1100 block of Southwest 14th Street of Deerfield Beach. The criminal quartet hopped in a waiting car and left.

According to the arrest reports, the phone number used to contact Chernitskiy off the app had belonged previously to 37-year-old Lisandra Ivette Alamo Ordonez-Mondragan. The house Chernitskiy went to was her last known address -- and her daughter is Ednita Maria Leon-Alamo. Ednita is on juvenile probation from a 2016 battery rap. She’s also the mother of a three-month-old fathered by Peterson Joachim.

One of Joachim’s pals is Dumas, whose arrest report says he was caught on video using Cherniskiy’s card and confessed once BSO detectives started talking to him.

Any other victims can call BSO detectives at 954-321-4200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477) or