Two women suing Florida club that posted a video of their naked sex acts online


One night out on the town turned into a living nightmare that two young women are still experiencing.

According to Palm Beach Circuit County Court records obtained by The Miami Herald, back in October of last year, tourists Audra O’Neill and Bailey Vaughn went to Roxy’s Club, a nightlife fixture on Clematis Street in Palm Beach.

While there, the patrons were enjoying the evening, then things got a little — actually way — out of hand.

Somehow footage of O’Neill and Vaughn, two 19-year-olds, performing sex acts on Roxy’s dance floor naked, made its way to the Internet. The roughly 10-minute video showed up everywhere from the pub’s Facebook page to Snapchat and porn sites.

According to the complaint, the Nashville natives were not carded at the bar, and were served roughly five drinks apiece by two male bartenders in a period of 90 minutes. The underage women were also not charged for the adult beverages, which included cranberry vodkas and Jack Daniels and Coke.

Both have moved back to Tennessee due to the traumatizing incident, they told the Daily Mail in an interview last week.

”This whole thing changed our lives forever,” Vaughn told the outlet. “It’s really disheartening. Audra and I had to leave South Florida and go back to Nashville.”

Now they are seeking unspecified damages.

“Roxy’s behavior went beyond all possible bounds of decency and was utterly intolerable in a civilized community,” reads the lawsuit filed in March. “Each of the girls has suffered emotional distress of such intensity or duration that no ordinary person should be expected to endure it.”

The suit goes on to say that one of the bartenders told them they could pay later by “showing them their t-ts.” The girls believed that the drinks were “spiked” as they began to feel “foggy.”

The video apparently shows the two engaging in various sex acts with each other as well as other patrons.

O’Neill and Vaughn were eventually kicked out of the club. Neither remembers the incident, how they made it home or got bruises all over their bodies.

Four bouncers were fired over letting the alleged incident go on.

“One of the girls told our manager while they were being escorted out they are strippers or exotic performers, and they were paid $1,000 each to do this,” officer manager Scott Smith told The Miami Herald last October. “We don’t know yet who put them up to it, but we’re trying to figure it out.”

No one from the establishment has yet to comment further about the suit, reports The Palm Beach Post.