Retired Miami cop facing child porn, molestation charges

Retired Miami police officer Juan Roman, who nicknamed himself “Batman,” is accussed of recording himself molesting a 7-year-old girl.
Retired Miami police officer Juan Roman, who nicknamed himself “Batman,” is accussed of recording himself molesting a 7-year-old girl. Handout Photo

A retired Miami police officer who nicknamed himself “Batman” and downloaded hundreds of child-porn videos is now accused of video-recording himself molesting a young girl, authorities say.

Juan Roman had been free on bond on federal child-porn charges when detectives, while poring through his computer files this week, found the disturbing video clips.

Roman, 57, was re-arrested and booked into a Miami-Dade jail early Saturday, charged with a slew of state counts, including lewd and lascivious molestation of a child.

According to court documents, Roman apparently set up a hidden video camera inside his home bathroom, which later captured him molesting a girl who is 7 years old.

He is also charged with video voyeurism. A Miami-Dade judge on Saturday afternoon ordered him held in jail without bond.

“The defendant is obviously embarrassed by the allegations but he has served the community well for more than four decades,” said his defense attorney, George Cholakis.

His arrest stunned and angered former colleagues at the Miami Police Department, where he worked as a detective and as a spotter aboard the department’s helicopter. Roman retired about five years ago.

Late last month, federal authorities arrested Roman and charged him with possession and distribution of child pornography.

According to federal court documents, cyber-crimes investigators in July pinpointed Roman’s computer as having been used to share illegal sexual images of young girls and boys.

In late August, agents raided Roman’s Biscayne Park home. After waiving his right to remain silent, the former cop insisted that he only used the file-sharing software to download music and had “not really seen child pornography,” according to the federal complaint.

Investigators noticed another odd detail: Roman sported a Batman logo tattooed on his arm, and his computer hard drive was nicknamed the “Batcave.”

Photos on his laptop and hard drive showed him wearing a cape, a mask and Batman underwear in various posed shots, according to documents.

But most disturbingly, investigators found over 500 video files “suggestive of child pornography” on Roman’s laptop and hard drive.

It was on Thursday that detectives, while exhaustively combing through his files, found the videos of Roman allegedly molesting the young girl in the bathroom. Federal prosecutors are now asking that a federal judge revoke his bond.

Miami-Dade Police’s special victims unit arrested him on the state charges.

His arrest comes several weeks after Miami-Dade police officers arrested one of their own on similar charges.

Longtime Miami-Dade Sgt. James Edwards is accused of paying a 15-year-old boy with drugs and alcohol before groping the teen and masturbating in front of him, authorities say. He is charged with lewd and lascivious conduct and exhibition.