Foster mother shooting suspect accused of pulling gun on DCF worker in March

Candi Johnson
Candi Johnson - Miami-Dade Corrections

One thing about the attempted murder and kidnapping charges suspect Miami’s Candi Johnson faces after, police say, she shot a Southwest Miami-Dade foster parent to take two of her kids Friday:

They aren’t Johnson’s first criminal charges of 2018 involving guns and her children.

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The two kids Johnson took were found unharmed Friday with the 34-year-old at a house in the 1100 block of Northwest 87th Street. The kids are in Department of Children and Family Services custody. Their foster mother, 77-year-old Wendy Edmond, is in stable condition at Jackson South after being shot multiple times, police said. Police are still looking for the thin black male they say Johnson brought along to Edmond’s house to take her kids, of whom she does not have legal custody.

In March, a Martin County arrest report says, Johnson pulled a gun on a DCF worker who tried to remove Johnson’s four children from her home on March 9.

“Johnson pulled a gun on the DCF worker and threatened to shoot the worker if he touched the children,” the arrest report says. “Johnson proceeded to duct tape the children’s mouths shut and ushered the children out of the rear of the resident to avoid further contact with DCF. Johnson fled the area with (redacted) children and the children were entered as missing and endangered on March 9.”

Two weeks later, U.S. Marshals got a tip that Johnson went to South Carolina and was returning to Miami-Dade County.

After the Marshals stopping a large white van rented from Budget Rental Van, Martin County deputies noticed that only Johnson’s 15-month-old was in a car seat, buckled in the front passenger seat. The other three children -- a 4-year-old and twin 2-year-olds -- were on the floor of the van’s cargo hold, the report said, separated from the cab by a metal wall. They’d been that way throughout the drive from South Carolina.

“Furthermore , the metal wall was nearly entirely solid with only a few holes in the upper middle and upper right portion of the wall, making Johnson unable to physically see her children unless she moved out of her seat and turned around,” the report read. “Giving free range for the children to do whatever they wanted in the cargo hold, without any supervision.”

That could include opening the van’s back door while the van zoomed down the highway. Also, in the cargo hold, large suitcases weren’t tied down.

Johnson was arrested on four counts of child neglect no March 24. She posted $20,000 bond ($5,000 per count) on March 27. No bond has been granted on the current charges of attempted murder, armed burglary and two counts of kidnapping.

Candi Johnson corrections.jpg
Candi Johnson before doing four years, eight months in prison on a child abuse rap Florida Dept. of Corrections

All four of the children involved in the March case were born after Johnson’s Florida prison stretch -- four years, eight months from 2007 to 2012 on charges of child abuse and fleeing law enforcement without regard for safety.