Woman threatens to tell wife about affair if he didn’t pay up. Then cops got involved.

Briyana Valls
Briyana Valls Davie police

Shawn Schmoll went home after a night of drinking with his buddies at a Pembroke Pines bar and started getting text messages from a number he didn’t recognize.

The message was clear though.

If he didn’t send $300 to the account of Briyana Valls, then she would tell his wife he cheated on her.

So Schmoll went to the Davie Police Department.

Schmoll said he had gone to Big Dawgs Sports Cafe, 10000 NW Sixth Ct., on Tuesday night and left his phone on the table “momentarily.”

The messages began just after he got home at about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

“The texts demanded Schmoll to send $300 via a phone cash receiving application to an account with the name of Briyana Valls,” an officer wrote in a report. “Another text stated if the money wasn’t sent, then the individual would tell Schmoll’s wife he cheated on her.”

After Schmoll showed officers the text messages, they had Schmoll place a “controlled call.”

Valls’ price went up to $500, police said. She gave him an address and told him to bring the money in an envelope.

“Through recorded phone conversations, the suspect stated she would provide Schmoll’s wife with a photo that exposes Schmoll and the suspect at the bar together if he didn’t give in to her demands of providing her $500,” an officer said in the report.

Later that day, Schmoll met Valls with the $500. As soon as he handed it to her, police moved in, according to the report.

Valls was arrested and charged with grand theft and extortion.

According to the arrest report, Valls told officers she made up the story in order to get money to pay for her ailing brother’s medical bills.