He’s accused of stealing packages off porches — before and after his arrest

Package thief identified by “neighbor’s” Ring

A suspected package thief was identified by a Neighbors by Ring camera in Fort Lauderdale.
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A suspected package thief was identified by a Neighbors by Ring camera in Fort Lauderdale.

Suspected Fort Lauderdale porch package pilferer Jerry Hickman obeyed the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” according to police.

And maybe Hickman should remember the W.C. Fields addendum: “Then quit — no use being a damn fool about it.”

Hickman, 42, was arrested Thursday for the second time in a month, accused of stealing unattended delivered packages off porches. Both times, Fort Lauderdale police say, videos from the Neighbors by Ring app provided visual aids in identifying Hickman, 5-foot-7, 134 pounds.

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Jerry Hickman Broward Sheriff's Office

According to an arrest report, Fort Lauderdale police officers headed to the Tarpon River neighborhood on June 16 after someone spotted a “slim built white male subject with a bald head” at a home after video surveillance saw a man with that description steal a dog bed from that home on June 14.

When cops got there, the person who called them said the guy drove off in a gray Kia SUV and headed north. Police say they found a gray Kia SUV heading north in the 600 block of Southwest 12th Avenue and being driven by a “bald, slim built white male subject.”

After stopping the Kia and the driver identifying himself as “Jerry Hickman,” one of the officers said he went back to the house of the theft. On surveillance video, he saw a “slim built white male with a bald head” walk up to the house and walk off with a large box.

When they dropped by Hickman’s house, cops say his wife identified him from a surveillance video still. Also, they say they found the dog bed and the clothes that the thief wore in the video as well as the dog bed.

After Hickman was arrested and charged with two burglaries, he posted bond on June 18. Cops say more video fingered Hickman for two more burglaries before his first arrest and one burglary since his arrest.

Hickman is in the Broward County Main Jail on five counts of unarmed burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and two counts of second-degree petit theft. His bond is $50,100.