The 7-Eleven shooting suspect lives a mile away, and might not have changed clothes

Tavis Williams
Tavis Williams

Almost 10 hours after an armed robber shot a cashier in a Naranja 7-Eleven Monday, an anonymous tip led Miami-Dade police on a short trip to Tavis Williams.

Williams, 19, lives almost a mile away from the 7-Eleven, 13690 SW 268th St. The Miami-Dade sergeant picking Williams up on a misdemeanor marijuana rap said Williams "was wearing the same shirt and skully as in the surveillance video."

Williams was not granted bond. He was being held in county jail on an attempted second-degree murder charge, as well as charges of armed robbery and use of a firearm while committing a felony, plus the misdemeanor marijuana possession. He has had experience with the criminal courts — he previously completed a deferred prosecution program for petit theft.

The cashier, shot in the arm and chest by one bullet, was in stable condition Tuesday after emergency surgery.

At the time of the robbery, at least four customers, three employees and two surveillance cameras were present.

The police report says Williams put a gun in the cashier's face to back up his shouted, profanity-enhanced demand for the cash register's contents. When the cashier went to a back office to get the manager, the report says, Williams shot her in the left arm. The bullet traveled into her chest.

Meanwhile, the manager and the robber got into a fight for the gun. The robber won that fight, so the manager cleaned out the register and handed over the cash.

Williams ran away, the report said. But he didn't go far in a neighborhood where a whole lot of people know his name.