She’s licensed for massage. She’s not licensed to put a needle in your face for $300

Liliana Sanchez
Liliana Sanchez Miami-Dade Corrections

A West Miami-Dade woman bonded out of jail Saturday after her arrest on 48 counts of criminal charges related to unlicensed Botox injections.

The $50,000 bond for 55-year-old Liliana Patricia Sanchez breaks down like this: $3,000 for one count of controlled substance possession and $1,000 for each of another three counts of controlled substance possession; one count of practicing healthcare without a license; one count of unlawful use of a communications device; and 42 counts of illegal possession of prescription drugs with intent to sell or deliver.

Botox was one of those 42 prescription drugs listed on the arrest report as being taken out of Sanchez's business at 2721 SW 137th Ave. on March 28. Though the arrest report lists that location as “Lisans Beauty Center,” state records say that's been the location of Imaging Digital Diagnostic, an active company registered by Sanchez in 2014 and still there as of Jan. 9. Imaging Digital Diagnostic is usually listed among local radiology facilities.

But MRIs and Axumin scans weren't among the talking points for undercover cops when they called Sanchez on March 20, according to the the report. They talked facial injections for Botox, for which Sanchez said she charged $300 per person. An appointment was made for 11:30 a.m. March 28.

An undercover Miami-Dade police officer showed up with a Florida Department of Health Unlicensed Activity investigator to keep the appointment.

Sanchez, a licensed massage therapist, was under arrest by noon. The report says she admitted to giving black market Botox injections for six months.

Consumers knowing of unlicensed medical activity can let the Florida Department of Health know anonymously by calling 877-425-8852 (HALT-ULA), or emailing

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