Man shot in Opa-locka escapes death —for at least the fourth time

A man who Opa-locka police said has survived three previous attempts on his life got lucky a fourth time early Tuesday, suffering a single gunshot wound to the arm after his assailants fired at least 70 times at him from a car with a high-powered assault rifle and a 9 millimeter handgun.

Opa-locka city spokesman David Chiverton said Tyron Labette told police he was walking on Port Said Road at 132nd Street at 4 a.m. — going to get some food — when he came under attack. Bullets sprayed from the weapons hit nearby buildings. But only one struck Labette, who was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

“He alleges he was simply walking,” said Chiverton. “Our preliminary investigation shows he has been in other gun-related incidents in and out of the city.”

Chiverton said no weapon was found on Labette, and police were looking to see if they could link any of the other shootings to Tuesday’s, and if the incident was gang or drug-related. They haven’t released a description of the shooters, or the vehicle.

According to Chiverton, Labette escaped death by gunfire two other times in Opa-locka, and at least once in Miami Gardens and another time in Fort Lauderdale.

Though only 22, Florida Department of Law Enforcement records show Labette’s criminal history littered with domestic abuse charges. He received probation for trying to strangle someone in September 2012, in what records claim was a domestic situation. Three months later he was detained for child abuse, but let go.

Then in May and December of 2013, he was twice charged with cruelty to a child. Those charges are pending.