They left their hotel room for the day. When they returned, their cash was gone.


You may think twice about leaving your valuables in a hotel room after you hear this cautionary tale.

According to CBS4, Ihosvany Napoles, a nighttime auditor at South Beach Plaza Villas, 14th and Collins in Miami Beach, stole $6,000 from an in-room safe on Sunday from a couple from Argentina. They left the property around 6 a.m. for a day trip to Orlando and informed Napoles, who was sitting at the front desk, of their plans.

When the pair arrived back around midnight, they saw their safe door ajar and the money gone. Police were called. Security cameras soon caught the 44-year-old hotel employee leaving the desk and walking down the first-floor hallways, where the couple’s room was located.

Cops also reviewed the hotel’s key lock system and saw that a master key was used to enter the couple’s room. Napoles was the only staffer on duty who had a hand-held override, which can open all rooms.

Napoles, 44, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with burglary and theft of personal property by a hotel employee.

On Wednesday, he appeared before Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer, who found probable cause and set the man’s bond at $10,000.

An Internet search revealed that Napoles is expecting a baby. He and a woman named Arianne Gonzalez are registered at Buy Buy Baby, but the odd part is that the due date for the boy is way in the future — July 29, 2019.