His name is Gold Teeth. He was on the run. Cops chased him, but then had to save him

“Gold Teeth” was on the run. But when his van flipped over and caught fire after a high-speed chase, deputies rescued him from the flames — all before arresting him, of course.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office received a tip on Sunday morning that Gold Teeth, legally known as 28-year-old Scott Beekman, was about to rob a house in Summerfield. Deputies found him at the Quick King Food Store on Southeast 47th Avenue and Highway 484, but when they tried to conduct a traffic stop Beekman sped off.

He led deputies on a chase, which the sheriff’s office released part of the dash cam footage to the public on their Facebook page. At one point, Beekman’s white Dodge van swerves on the road, overcorrecting and hitting a tree before it flips over. Flames can be seen flickering from the van.

Deputies with guns drawn and shields held up slowly approach Beekman, who’s trapped inside the van. One deputy can be seen working on breaking the windshield so they can rescue Beekman. After about four minutes, Beekman emerges from the windshield and is transported to the hospital. Law enforcement found a short-barreled shotgun, a .32 caliber pistol and a sawed-off .22 caliber rifle, all of which were loaded.

He was later booked at the Marion County Jail for charges of fleeing with disregard to safety of person or property, three counts of weapon or ammo possession by a convicted felon, possession of a short-barreled gun and driving while license suspended.