He didn’t want to go to work, cops say. He’s in jail instead.

Dominique Lewis
Dominique Lewis

A Florida man came up with a plan to play hooky from his job. His plan worked, but not like he hoped.

Dominique Lewis called police on Monday evening. He told them a stranger caught him walking out of his Howard Johnson hotel room, forced him to the ground and stole his wallet.

St. Johns County Sheriff deputies came to the Tampa man’s aid, but Lewis, 28, couldn’t tell them what the robber looked like or which direction he ran.

Eventually, deputies said, they found the wallet. It was in Lewis’ suitcase all along, WOKV reported.

Deputies said he told them he made up the story to avoid work. He was arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 system and filing a false report, records show.

It’s unclear what Lewis did for a living, or if it was preferable to the jail cell he ended up in.