Police found ‘Stitches’ in a handicapped spot. Inside the Porsche — weed and a gun

Phillip Katsabanis, also known as South Florid rapper “Stitches”
Phillip Katsabanis, also known as South Florid rapper “Stitches”

The South Florida rapper best known for “Brick in yo face,” a song about cocaine, got caught with marijuana and a gun on Wednesday, police said.

Miami Beach police said they found “Stitches,” whose real name is Phillip Katsabanis, in his blue 2011 Porsche in a handicapped spot at the Whole Foods on 1020 Alton Road in Miami Beach. He didn’t have a handicapped decal.

When police stopped Katsabanis, 21, he handed over a “slightly burnt marijuana joint” and apologized to the officer.

The cop said he noticed “a strong odor of marijuana” from the car and asked Katsabanis and his passenger to step out. They both repeatedly denied having guns, but police found a Glock 19 9mm under the driver’s seat, a mason jar with weed inside in the backseat and two magazines with 46 bullets between them.

Police said Katsabanis had a single Oxycodone pill in his pocket but no prescription.

Katsabanis was charged with weed possession, carrying a concealed gun and carrying prescription drugs without a prescription.

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