Bumbling bandits accidentally butt dial 911 while discussing plans to rob restaurant

The Coen brothers — creators of hilarious dark comedies like Raising Arizona and Fargo —couldn’t have come up with a better bunch of bumbling bandits.

This movie began with two men sitting outside a Kentucky barbecue joint. One of them wears a mask. They’re discussing plans to rob the place. And then — one of them accidentally butt dials 911.

The dispatcher, of course, listens in on the plot. And even more worrisome for the would-be robbers: Inside the restaurant, the police chief.

Well, it happened.

According to the Danville Advocate Messenger, David Grigsby and Robert Bourne were sitting in their car outside of Brother’s BBQ concocting the plan last Saturday, when, um, one of them squirmed a bit too much and made the unintended call.

A police dispatcher, the Messenger reported, immediately called Police Chief Tony Gray. Gray and some other cops searched the parking lot and found the men in the car.

One of them, the Messenger said, was still wearing his mask. Grigsby and Bourne were charged with public intoxification. The Messenger said prosecutors are still contemplating other charges.