He got angry with a tow truck driver. So he bashed him with his oxygen tank, cops say

Lawrence Starr
Lawrence Starr

A 74-year-old man with breathing problems used his oxygen tank to attack a tow truck driver on Tuesday, according to reports.

Lawrence Starr bashed the driver on the head with the tank, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The attack happened in a post office parking lot in Lake Park in Palm Beach County.

Starr got angry that the tow truck was in his way and he started yelling at the driver as he was servicing a car, according to the police report. The driver didn’t move the truck so Starr got out of his car and pulled the keys out of the truck’s ignition. The truck driver did the same to Starr, who then attacked them an with his oxygen machine, the report said.

The driver suffered cuts on his head and nose, according to Local 10.

Starr, who lives in North Palm Beach, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadline weapon.