A man is asleep in one room. A woman is dead with stab wounds in another

Roberto Salabaraia-Rodriguez
Roberto Salabaraia-Rodriguez

When police arrived at Roberto Salabarria-Rodriguez’s home, he was fast asleep in his bed.

In the bathroom: the bloodied and lifeless body of Rebeca Yanes Hernandez, 46, with whom he shared a room.

Salabarria-Rodriguez, 55, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon. He was taken to the Turner Guilford-Knight correctional center where he was denied bond and remained Tuesday.

“The defendant provided a post-Miranda confession admitting to murdering the victim with a knife,” Salabarria-Rodriguez’s arrest affidavit says.

Miami-Dade police said they were called to the home at 635 SW 96th Ct. just after 3 a.m. Sunday by an unidentified person who told police he or she witnessed Salabarria-Rodriguez beating Hernandez.

It wasn’t clear Tuesday if Hernandez and Salabarria-Rodriguez were married, but police said they shared a bedroom in the home.

The witness, who also lived in the home, said that Hernandez ran into his or her bedroom and locked the door to get away from Salabarria-Rodriguez. That’s when, the witness said, Salabarria-Rodriguez began banging on the door.

“The defendant entered the bedroom and physically attacked the victim,” the police report says.

Police said when Salabarria-Rodriguez began choking the victim, the witness fled and called police. When Miami-Dade Fire Rescue arrived, the responders forced open a locked door at the home and found Salabarria-Rodriguez fast asleep in his bedroom and Hernandez dead in the bathroom with multiple stab wounds.

Police on Monday released a flier with Hernandez’s picture and urged anyone to step forward with information on her death.

“We’re seeking additional information,” said Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman Robin Pinkard. “We didn’t say we were looking for a subject.”