Miami Beach man charged with posting ‘revenge porn’

Antonio Giasante
Antonio Giasante State Attorney’s Office

A Miami Beach man mounted an extensive cyber-campaign to harass his ex-girlfriend by posting dozens of pornographic photos of the woman, even sending many images to her coworkers, authorities said.

Antonio Giansante, 37, was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of child pornography, video voyeurism and cyber stalking.

Many of the images and videos posted online were made when the woman was 16 or 17, authorities said.

The arrest comes as prosecutors plan to push passage of a law that would make “revenge porn” a felony in Florida. Several bills are expected to be considered at the legislative session that begins on Monday in Tallahassee.

“This is just another form of domestic violence,” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. “This case is a good example of why we need new legislation.”

Giansante’s defense attorney, John Priovolos, said late Thursday: "While these allegations are very serious, there should not be a rush to judgment. This case is a good example of why we have constitutional rights, and my client will defend himself accordingly."

According to prosecutors, the woman – who works at a “governmental agency” in Miami-Dade – reported to police that someone tried 40 times to post the pornographic images to her employer’s Facebook page.

Miami Beach police detectives traced the spreading of the images to Giansante’s computer at his Euclid Avenue apartment.

Giansante, a computer tech and former soccer coach in Puerto Rico, had begun dating the former player when she was 16. They were together for several years – and she consented to some nude photos.

But many of the photos and some videos were recorded covertly without her consent. After moving to Miami, the two broke up in 2012 because of “his jealousy and possessiveness,” according to a search warrant.

After the breakup, coworkers began getting Facebook and Instagram requests from profiles featuring the nude images. She found a website that featured 62 images.

She told Miami Beach Detective Jenny Velasquez that she almost quit her job and “has received panic attacks as a result of the tormenting conduct.”