Sentence upheld for man in Miami drowning fetish case

Jeffrey Doland
Jeffrey Doland Florida Dept. of Corrections

An appeals court on Wednesday upheld the sentence of a man who flew to Miami wanting to quench his sexual cravings by violently dunking young girls underwater “until the bubbles stop rising.”

Jeffrey Doland is serving a 20-year prison term after pleading guilty in 2009 to a host of sex crimes.

Back in July 2007, Doland flew from his home in Ohio to Miami to meet with a woman he met in an online fetish chat room. He believed the woman would allow him to dunk her preteen daughters in a pool or bathtub until “their lungs burst.”

Doland was actually chatting with an undercover federal agent. The girls did not exist.

During his 2009 trial in Miami, jurors saw transcripts of graphic chat sessions that included Doland writing: “I love long hair floating underwater. Cannot wait to see them drowning.”

He mulled dunking the girls by tying them to concrete blocks or using handcuffs. With a diving mask in his black carry-on bag, Doland flew to Miami and gave $501 to an undercover female agent he believed was his online correspondent.

Then he was arrested.

Doland, 53, a former tech consultant for an Ohio school district, abruptly pleaded guilty midway through trial. He appealed his sentence by claiming that Miami-Dade state court did not have jurisdiction over conduct that originated in Ohio.

The Third District Court of Appeal turned down that claim Wednesday.