High school students plead guilty in post-prom rape case but avoid prison

Clockwise, from top left: Adrian Rene Machin, Julio Cesar Fernandez, Luis Angel Rosello, and Adan Enrique Valdes.
Clockwise, from top left: Adrian Rene Machin, Julio Cesar Fernandez, Luis Angel Rosello, and Adan Enrique Valdes. Miami-Dade Corrections

A group of West Kendall high school students who participated in a sexual attack on a passed-out young woman at an after-prom party avoided prison time after the victim opted against going to trial.

The two chief participants, Adrian Machin, 19, and Adan Valdes, 16, have been admitted into a jail boot camp program that entails several months behind bars, plus two years of home confinement and four years of probation. They’ll also have to perform hundreds of hours of community service, must attend school or work, and can’t drink alcohol or do drugs.

The two others who recorded the attack with their camera phones, Julio Fernandez, 19, and Luis Rosello, 19, agreed to complete two years of home confinement, four years of probation and also community service.

All four of the teens pleaded guilty to three counts of false imprisonment. According to the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office, if any of them violate their plea agreements, they’ll do mandatory jail time.

The widely lauded military-style Miami-Dade boot camp program usually entails about six months behind bars with other cadets, house arrest and some period of probation. During the program, cadets receive “behavior modification” courses, job training and drug treatment.

Machin and Valdes will surrender to begin the boot camp on Oct. 11.

Three of the students hailed from G. Holmes Braddock High and were attending an after-prom party at a boutique hotel called the Bal Harbour Quarzo.

According to a police arrest report, the 21-year-old woman was attacked with an umbrella and a marijuana cigarette.

Prosecutors said multiple video clips were found on the teenagers’ phones, but they were short and did not clearly depict what happened, according to a final memo on the case.

The victim and her parents decided not to go through the legal wrangling associated with the case, which would subject her to lengthy depositions by defense lawyers, and possibly testifying at a public trial. “In furtherance of not re-victimizing the victim, a plea was offered to the defendants,” according to the memo.