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Dad said he hit his son with a belt because he wouldn’t be quiet, police say

Mariano Pinar
Mariano Pinar

A mother and father were arrested over the weekend at Dolphin Mall after the father hit his son across the face with a belt, leaving him bloody, according to police.

Dazny Torres, 27 and Mariano Pinar, 28, both face two counts of child neglect with no great bodily harm.

Officers responding to a report of a “battery on a child,” found Pinar inside Bloomingdale’s Outlet at the mall, 11401 NW 12th St., in Sweetwater, “nervous and evasive,” an officer wrote in an arrest affidavit.

After being asked where his son was, Pinar led officers to the boy, who was on the sidewalk outside with his mother.

“[Pinar] spontaneously stated that he had just hit his son once with the belt because he would not stay quiet,” an officer wrote.

The boy’s mouth was bleeding from a cut on his upper lip and there was blood on his right cheek, according to the report.

“I observed the victim was nervous, shaking, crying and afraid to speak to me,” the officer said in the report.

Torres, police said, told officers in Spanish, “I am sorry but he wouldn’t shut up.”

After separating the couple from the child, the officer found a “red welt across the child’s back.” The officer also spotted the cut on the child’s lip and large cavities in most of the child’s teeth, the officer wrote.

“Cavities were so big and deep that the molars seemed to be hollow,” the officer wrote.

There was also a scar on the child’s head. The officer asked the child about the scar and the child said in Spanish, “Mom is the bad one, dad just hit me today,” according to the report. He told officers that his mom had hit him with a belt and the buckle left the scar.

Both parents were arrested.

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