South Miami

Letter: The destruction of South Miami’s small town character

The first commission meeting of the new year included yet another re-plat approval of a once beautiful 2.7-acre property fronting Miller Road. The property was dissected into nine lots with some serious issues. Our Commission got out their well worn and much used rubber stamps to give their “ministerial” approval. Our elected officials are effectively increasing density in our residential areas without changing the zoning, by allowing developers to re-plat every big beautiful lot that will accommodate as many huge homes that can be packed in with the current zoning.

Right now there are several homes slated to be build on Southwest 79th, 80th and 81st streets. As it is now the side streets adjacent to 80th Street are really taking a hit as more and more drivers use those streets as shortcuts. Southwest 80th Street, based on the last study, has approximately 5,000 cars going back and forth every day. Can you imagine what it will be like when all this construction commences?

The city manager and the mayor, obviously working together, repeatedly stonewalled commissioners who want to address many problems with workshops including citizen participation. Our mayor and city manager are big proponents of increasing density in spite of the fact that our downtown is extremely congested, and our arterial roads are bumper to bumper seven hours a day. Density is effectively increased without any zoning change every time the commission regrettably approves yet another re-plat.

The level of service of the affected roads is legally bypassed by the continued degradation of the criteria that determines LOS. The County and Water and Sewer department even gave a variance on the required lot size for four lots out of nine on Miller Road regarding the installation of septic tanks. The legal system twists and turns everything for the advantage of developers and the city facilitates this to the detriment of residents. Apparently we need our own high powered attorneys. Revenues are more highly valued than quality of life.

Happy New Year South Miami, same agenda , different year.

Antoinette Fischer,

South Miami

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