South Miami

South Miami reveals identity of potential buyer for City Hall

Lynx Development Group was disclosed as the party offering to spend millions on purchasing South Miami City Hall property. City Manager Steven Alexander revealed the name during Tuesday’s city commission meeting.

The main item

Lynx Development Group previously offered $15 million for the property at 6130 Sunset Dr. in a Feb. 16 letter addressed to Mayor Philip Stoddard from ARA Newark. The commission agreed that the offer was too low, but authorized Alexander to continue discussions with the then-unknown party. ARA Newark, a national full service investment advisory firm, sent the letter on behalf of Lynx Development Group. Alexander met with Troy Ballard, the senior managing director of the firm and representatives from Lynx Development Group.

“We had a really good communication about the City Hall and the city commission’s feedback on that,” Alexander said. “They were very understanding of the concerns about the valuation. They thought their offer was fair given the uses that they understood that the city commission and the community wanted to have on the site. They are also interested in potentially revising the offer after subsequent discussion with the commission to kind of get a better picture for where everybody wants to go…”

Other business

▪ Lot splits: The commission unanimously passed two ordinances on first reading. The first ordinance amends the city’s land development code, creating a section titled “building site approval or creation; lot split,” establishing procures for identifying lawful building sites and for subdividing land into buildable sites or for transfer of ownership. A second ordinance calls for changes to the land development code, adding criteria for the city’s approval of the subdivision of land, including waiver or plat or though processes set forth by Miami-Dade County.

▪ Restaurant deferred: Due to parking and traffic concerns, the commission agreed to defer two resolutions calling for a general restaurant at 6144 South Dixie Hwy. The first resolution asked for special use approval for the restaurant and included the demolition of the current building on site and construction of two new one-story structures. The second resolution asked for approval on an application for a waiver of off-street parking requirements.

▪ Shining streetlight: The commission passed a resolution calling for a streetlight at or near 7121 SW 63rd Ave. Florida Power & Light removed the streetlight that previously stood at the location.

They said it

“I got the sense from the initial offer that they had been paying attention to what the city is interested in. Now that I hear that it’s Lynx, I know somebody from Lynx attended the State of the City address, so obviously they have been paying attention. There are probably at least three other developers out there, maybe more, who are interested in the site. For me it all begins and ends with fixing up City Hall. I’m not interested in a land sale just for the sake of selling land or for the sake of making money. My goal is to get City Hall fixed up. If we can finance that best though sale of some of our land I will consider that. But for me it’s all about City Hall.” — Mayor Phillip Stoddard

The next meeting

▪ When: 7 p.m. April 5

▪ Where: City Hall, 6130 Sunset Dr., South Miami