South Miami

South Miami Commission plan to alter alcohol sale ordinance advances

Local drug stores, convenience stores and service stations could once again be allowed to sell alcohol after the South Miami City Commission passed an ordinance Wednesday amending the city’s code.

The amendment, which regarded section 4-2(a)(4) of the city code, will go up for the third reading at a Jan. 6 commission meeting.

One business that will be impacted by the amendment is a CVS Pharmacy off of Bird Road.

“(The ordinance) didn’t allow them to sell beer or wine and all of the surrounding drugstores in the city do,” South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard said. “We are completely surrounded by CVS pharmacies, it’s not clear why we would be putting those inside the city at a competitive disadvantage.”

Language in the previous ordinance stated that drugstores weren’t allowed to sell alcohol within a certain radius of a residential area.

“The CVS sells six packs of beer or wine, even though it is package sales, and nobody is drinking on site,” City Manager Steven Alexander said.

“They aren’t allowed to sell it in whatever the radius is from a residential area. The idea is that you can sell those sorts of things at grocery stores so why can’t you at a drugstore?”

The commission also unanimously passed a resolution acknowledging Stoddard’s appointment of Luis Gil to the budget and finance committee.

Another unanimous vote amended an ordinance regarding lobbyists in South Miami, which cleaned up the city’s code of ordinances regarding lobbyists to fall more in line with the Miami-Dade County lobbying ordinance.

“The city’s previous lobbying ordinance was sort of unintelligible and unenforceable,” Stoddard said. “We are just trying to get it so that the people who are lobbyist don’t have to learn 26 different steps … our (ordinance) is completely contradictory and confusing.

The commission also reviewed improvements to Brewer Park, including its resurfaced tennis, racquetball, and basketball courts that were pressure cleaned and painted with fresh lines, and shown in a presentation.