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Dadeland Mall announces new ‘Dining Pavilion’ to replace food court

A final rendering of the upcoming Dining Pavilion at Dadeland Mall.
A final rendering of the upcoming Dining Pavilion at Dadeland Mall. Simon Property Group and Dadeland Mall

Dadeland Mall shoppers can expect “a sleek Dining Pavilion” to replace the mall’s existing food court.

The dining area’s renovation –– a multimillion dollar project aimed to breathe new life into the 19,298-square-foot space –– is expected to be completed by the end of the year, mall manager Irma Castor said.

“We’re going to transition and start calling [the food court] the Dining Pavilion,” Castor said. “The renovation is going to include new floors, ceiling, new light fixtures, new furniture and new vertical louvers.”

Simon Property Group, the retail and real estate company that manages the mall and over 50 percent of its stores, said in a news release that the new space will be “decorated in a neutral palette of white-on-white,” accentuated by wood tones and natural furnishing.

Construction to improve the existing food court began early June, but Castor said the shopping experience won’t be disrupted –– the work will be done at night, after store hours.

The food court’s columns –– now, just bare beams of metal –– are the only signs of the demolition process.

Dadeland’s food court reconstruction is just one of many in Simon’s venture to modernize the 71.2-acre mall.

Last year, Dadeland finalized its second floor Terrace Dining Wing expansion project by welcoming Texas De Brazil.

Basil Thai is the food court’s most recent addition. Castor said some time before the holiday season, Dadeland will introduce a Freshies Gourmet Salad into the new pavilion.

Next year, the mall will upgrade food court restrooms, add a family restroom and nursing station.

“Hopefully our customers will like it,” Castor said. “We want to make the experience more inviting and enjoyable; we also want to jazz things up and make it more exciting.”

Matt Lau, a Basil Thai manager, said the mall is known for its decor, top of the line retailers and dining options. The changes, he said, will improve Dadeland’s reputation as one of the region’s best shopping options.

“They told us about the renovations a few weeks ago,” Lau said. “It’s a welcomed change that I’m excited about.”

After the pavilion’s opening, Castor said, the mall plans to host a celebration open to the community.