Palmetto Bay

Letter: Traffic laws need to be enforced in Palmetto Bay

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if the traffic laws in Florida were actually enforced? I’m talking about how some drivers assume that once you make it driving through Pinecrest (south of the border) the enforcement of traffic laws is nonexistent.

Calming adjustments were discussed for our interior and major roads in Palmetto Bay to help combat speeding drivers. I’ve been trying to get something done in my neighborhood for decades. When my complaints were finally addressed, radar speed signs were temporally placed and an occasional speed trap is set up. So after all this, after a couple of weeks the speeding and reckless driving on my street continues. If I might make a suggestion to help solve this issue concerning traffic calming, complain to Miami-Dade Public Works if our local government seems reluctant to aggressively follow through (as in the past) with this.

Most importantly, it all comes down to the enforcement of our driving laws. When I drive through the Village of Pinecrest, I don’t see many traffic calming devices except for one thing, signs on their speeding signs saying “STRICTLY ENFORCED.” Golly, could that be one solution?

Randy Burns, Palmetto Bay

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