Palmetto Bay

Letter: Location of Palmetto Bay fire station not about response times

This letter follows the council meeting of Palmetto Bay on May 4, 2015:

As I presented at the meeting, the escalating, targeted harassment of my neighbor, I too feel the fear and insecurity of actions by a few, specifically one resident AND the actions and inactions of our mayor and council members. I will repeat that leaving unmarked boxes on a doorstep is not funny nor should be accepted by this mayor or council or anybody in the Village. Unmarked boxes at a school would cause a lockdown or at an airport would close the airport. Nor should “celebrations” be acceptable especially when council members know about it AND participate (a celebration where just one invitation was given.). This person/people are causing fear and just as important a misuse of public funds and resources as the police have needed to intervene. The children of this village don’t behave like this.

Having said all of this, it is apparent to many and now to all that the location of the fire station was NEVER about coverage or response times. It was about politics, harassment, secret meetings and sticking it to a neighbor who disagreed with your politics or supported another candidate or issue. So when the first alarm bell rings one morning around 8 a.m. and the truck can’t access Old Cutler Road and the cars can’t move because of the new extended street curb, and the truck can’t go east or west (except by accessing Farmer Road to 136th) and the response time is not faster than 18 minutes, I do sincerely hope none of these people made the call. ... And am thankful they can walk to my house!

Lisa Greenberg, Palmetto Bay

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